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"Beauty And The Beiber" Is The Remake We Really Wanted

Orlando-based video company Patty Cake Productions mashes the magic of Disney with the vocal styling of Justin Beiber and we're just a little bit hooked.

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Something There That Wasn't There Before

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Reboots and remakes seem to be all the rage in Hollywood and the Disney Company is no exception to the madness. Hot of the heals of success with a live-action Cinderella, The Jungle Book and more, Disney was quick to dazzle us with a yet another remake of the just 26 year old classic "Beauty and the Beast."


Enter in Patty Cake Productions, a Florida based group lead by Tony Wakim with a special appearance by... Justin Beiber?

Beauty and the Beat

Patty Cake Productions / Via Facebook: pattycakeproductions

Wakim and Patty Cake are no strangers to the unexpected remake game. Late last year they launched their wildly popular video series "Unexpected Musicals" pairing up classic stories with a whole new soundtrack. (Personal favorites include "Snow Spears" and "Cinderswift")

In their latest venture, Patty Cake has followed suit with Disney, has tackled a beast of project. With a 50+ person cast filming all over the Orlando, FL area, Patty Cake Productions managed to complete their months long project just in time to premiere on the same day as Disney's live-action release.

Beauty and the Beiber: An Unexpected Musical

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Without further ado, we present what happens when you mash-up Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast with Justin Beiber!

Expect More Unexpected

The group is nowhere near done in their mission for mischief and remakes! Coming soon we can expect a mash-up between Disney's most dastardly villain, Maleficent, and the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson!

Additional reporting by: Josh Gunderson

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