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Here Are 11 Things People Absolutely Refuse To Compromise On

When it comes to some things, you should never have to compromise.

1. Coffee that blends perfectly to your tastes.

A measuring cup with coffee beans.

2. High quality makeup so your eyes don't tear up.

Makeup brushes in an explosion of powder.

3. That sweet bit of extra legroom on a flight.

An empty row of airplane seats.

4. Quality speakers for quality sing-alongs.

5. A chair that complements your living aesthetic (lumbar needs).

Green velvet chair at a workspace.

6. Great shoes to take you great places.

Athletic shoes walking in the street.

7. The essential materials for special projects.

A woman knits with thick yarn.

8. Anything but basic basics.

Black and white socks on a person.

9. A "Table Pancake" for those who need savory & sweet options.

A brunch spread with lattes and a stack of pancakes.

10. Top-tier tech that abides by the golden rule.

A man with a laptop and phone at a workspace.

11. The must-have "Me Time."

A relaxed woman getting a massage.

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Images from Getty.