Andrew D
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    • Andrew D

      Buzzfeed, why are you demeaning yourself by posting these horribly analyzed articles? First we get analysis that says the next Democratic presidential candidate will be black because blah blah blah something something. Then we get some completely misguided reasoning as to “things Obama (did not) do that Bush also did yet liberals support them now) and now we get this? 1. No one should have been caught off guard that Obama was reelected, unless you … actually believed Hannity, Limbaugh, and Dick Morris? 2. I don’t even know what this mean. Some compare him to Reagan, but he’s more Clintonian - which is better anyway. 3. Like when your conservative friends boo everything Obama does….? 4. Academic studies show it does help. But we won’t let fact checkers get in the way of this article, now will we? 5. Keynesian economics, oh no! 6. (see 5) 7. I actually don’t know what this means. 8. Then don’t watch it. I watched Bush’s, because I’m not a child, but to each his own. 9. Is it better or worse than the Tea Party Kool-aid? 10. I have the similar reaction to “when a conservative loves something Bush did, but hate it when Obama does it” 11. Then find new friends….? 12. (see 11) 13. Like….what policies? I can’t think of any - economic at least. And I have a similar reaction to Tea Parties who blame Bush policies on Obama (the recession, TARP, stimulus, deficit spending) 14. We have more of a demand problem. Spending isn’t too much higher than when Bush was in office so….see 13. 15 & 16. Like when Tea Parties sight the Constitution and the Founding Fathers for …. everything? And claim Obama doesn’t understand it - despite being a constitutional lawyer… Yep, you’re right. 17. Are “personal freedom” a side affect of Tea Party Kool-aid? 18. I have a similar reaction to watching conservatives put their blind faith in the the infallible private sector and the mantra that “the government is the cause of all problems” 19. Yes, because Bush left us in such a perfect direction. 20. Tea Party talking point. Because…Reagan and Bush I never raised taxes. Ever. 21. Marco Rubio is quite the stellar candidate, eh?

    • Andrew D

      This analysis is very, very poor. Assuming that a black candidate will lead the Democratic field in 2016 simply for being black, assuming that Hillary or a different liberal behemoth doesn’t run, is a terribly inaccurate prediction. The first two primary states are about as white as you can get - Iowa and New Hampshire - so winning the 3rd, South Carolina, wouldn’t do much for their momentum. Just ask Jesse Jackson…or Carol Mosley Braun…or AL Sharpton how being a person of color worked out for their primary run. Also, speculating the Booker will run is asinine. He’d have to start assembling a campaign team within 6 months of becoming a Senator. He’ll run in 2020, or 2024, but 2016 is extremely premature for him. Maybe as a VP pick - but certainly not as the main candidate. This article also places way too much emphasis on race in politics. As a Democrat, I vote for the candidate as most do. We’re not as race-obsessed as the Republicans, remember? I’d much prefer a white male with the right policies and experience over a black or female candidate that would not make as good of a president.

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