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    • douge5

      If Kentucky loses Mitch McConnell in the Senate, they will lose more than they’ve ever lost in a Senatorial election. You accrue a lot of power and influence in Washington after 30 years in the Senate. People have to understand that McConnell often doesn’t have the luxury of voting for himself, he has to reflect what a majority of his minority believes once they establish a position. So he may be more conservative than he appears.  I’m living in California, but I went to college in Ky and may move back some day to escape the liberal miasma in the air here. If I do, I would hope McConnell is still representing the state in Washington. And besides, I’d hate to lose the pleasure of watching him run circles around Harry Reid.

    • douge5

      “… the one that got General Stanley McChrystal fired, wasagreat yarn, but it was also about something:Amilitary leadership that had turned its tactical sophistication inward, and trappedapresident it disdained intoawar he didn’t want to fight.” That’salie. Obama always said while he was campaigning in 2008 that Afghanistan was the right war and Iraq was not. It’s not that he didn’t want to fight that war, it’s that he didn’t want to win it. McChrystal understood this, even if ideologues like Hastings did not.

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