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    • dougd47d30916c

      No one can see the future but all of this could have been prevented if the militia leaders at the Bundy Ranch had simply turned Miller over to the local Sheriff. They called on the Sheriff to disarm the BLM but they refused to call the Sheriff about an armed felon in their camp who was so unstable that he made other militia members nervous? An armed felon from out of state exhibiting an “aggressive nature” and “apparent volatility” is no one’s neighbor.   Militia leaders regularly claim that the purpose of the “true militia” is to uphold the law and the Constitution. Why didn’t the Oath Keepers keep their oaths to uphold the law? The militia and Oath Keepers dropped the ball on this one. They provided material support to a man their own people regarded as dangerous enough to disarm, interrogate, and eject from their camp. They rearmed him and then chose not to notify the County Sheriff, a local elected official who is constitutionally authorized to deal with such matters. The Oath Keepers and militia members knowingly released a violent and armed felon upon the citizens of the State of Nevada. In doing so, they betrayed the basic foundations of their own purported belief system(s) and the Code of the West.   The Millers are wholly responsible for their own actions. Still, I can’t help but think that these guys have some type of liability and/or culpability in this matter.

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