Check Out These Amazing Photographs From “America Revealed”

Cool CGI photos tracking the movements of America’s people, products, and communications.

Extraordinary pictures show America as it has never been seen before.

These stunning CGI images reveal what the nation looks like from the skies, and how its transport and communication infrastructures work to power the vast nation on a daily basis.

Everything from the routes taken by Manhattan pizza delivery drivers on a Friday night to Domino’s Pizza truck movement across the country are replicated in breathtaking detail.

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Read more and check out all the photos:

Pizza delivery boy movements in Manhattan.

Transportation of dead bodies throughout the U.S.

Flight data for the 50,000 planes that carry 2 million passengers daily across the U.S.

Rush hour movements in Manhattan (ferries, commuter rail, and buses).

Video available at:  .

Check out a preview of “America Revealed” here.

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