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12 Times In Life When Everyone Rolls The Dice

Here goes nothing! Every day we lay down small risks for big rewards. But if you use DoubleDown Casino's Hot Streak Finder, you'll know when to risk big.

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1. When you date online.

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Big money, big money, good teeth!

2. When you order seafood at a roadside diner.

You never know until you try!
George Kelly / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: allaboutgeorge

You never know until you try!

3. When you use "yo" in an email to your boss.

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Livin' on a prayer!

4. When you book a flight with an extremely tight layover.


It's make it or break it.

5. When you say you've read a book, and you pray for no follow-up questions.

Here. Goes. Nothing. (Literally, you know nothing about the book.)

6. When you leave keys under your mat.

Risky business.
Michael Gray / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: kathika

Risky business.

7. When you exit a semi-fast train in hopes of a faster one.


Make your bet, and stick to it.

8. When you decide to "assemble on your own."


Play it cheap or play it safe?

9. When you're the first one in the office to wear shorts for the season.

You could be a pioneer, or you could be sent home for the day.

10. When you run a race that you've put absolutely no training into.


Go big or go home.

11. When you use milk that you know is expired.


Odds are you'll be fine... right?

12. And of course, the always risky... leather.


It could go either way.