13 Signs You’re On A Hot Streak

You’re in the ZONE. You never know when luck like this will strike again, but DoubleDown Casino does. Find out by using the Hot Streak Finder.

1. It’s Friday, and there hasn’t been a delay in your commute all week.

Disney / Pixar / Via mlkshk.com

Ride those rails.

2. Your fantasy team is undefeated, even though you haven’t looked at a stat all season.

Winner, winner, chicken-wing dinner.

3. You’ve been on a Pandora station for an hour, and you’ve yet to hear a song you didn’t like.

Non. Stop. Hits.

4. You made it home from work without hitting one single red light.


The perfect streak.

5. You’ve managed to eat free food for every meal this week.

Hungry for some FREE.

6. You haven’t hit into the sand trap once all season.



7. Your home has been shockingly clean for almost a month.

And you haven’t lost a water bottle in weeks.

8. They’ve finally figured out your name at Starbucks and are getting it right every time.

Patricia H. / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: rocknroll_guitar

BAMF to-go.

9. It’s been six months, and your bank hasn’t charged you interest once.

Paramount Pictures / Via rebloggy.com

Someone’s on a roll!

10. Everything you found at the grocery store was BOGO.

Buy one get one HOT.

11. You’ve had something sweet in the mail every day this week.

REALLY sweet.

12. You noticed your neighbor unlocked their Wi-Fi, and you’ve been living free for days.

It opens up a world of opportunity.

13. And you’re dreading the day all of your luck falls apart.

What goes around comes around.

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