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12 People Who Experienced The Rush Of Vegas Without Being There

Sometimes the ups and downs of life feel a lot like a casino game. Here are 12 people who experienced the rush of Vegas without leaving town. Get your own rush with the many authentic Vegas games available at DoubleDown Casino.

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1. This guy who started the day off with a jackpot.


2. Or the winner of the vending machine sweepstakes.

3. This cat that knew how to pick a winner.

4. This basketball player who caught a lucky roulette bounce.

5. The lady who turned over a full house.

6. Or the guy who made this once-in-a-lifetime billiards shot.

7. Not every Vegas moment is positive, however. You have to take the good with the bad, like this guy who crapped out.

8. The gamer who was dealt one too many bad hands.

9. The girl who was dealt a losing bottle of soda.

10. Or the shopper who got greedy and went for the top shelf instead of walking away with a lesser wine.

11. In Vegas, hot streaks come when you least expect them. Like a fish landing in your lap (face?).

12. Vegas is like a mysterious box. You don't know what's inside, but you might luck out, like the winner of this cat.

13. And finally, if you dig deep enough into the internet, you'll eventually win some kind of prize.

If things are slow and you can't make it to Las Vegas right this second, don't fret, DoubleDown Casino can put the excitement of Las Vegas in the palm of your hand.