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10 Of The Most Ridiculously Exclusive Experiences In The World

They're so exclusive, you might need an invite just to see this list — okay, permission granted. And thanks to DoubleDown Casino, there's no locked content, no restrictions. Just the thrill of Vegas — for all to enjoy.

1. Holding the Most Exclusive Credit Card in the World


Perks of Having One: When you get the AMEX Centurion Card, you get way more than points. The card comes with a dedicated concierge, personal shoppers at high-end stores. Oh, and the card has no limit. Yes — NO LIMIT!

How to Get One: Must already be a Platinum cardholder before getting invited by AMEX and have an average of $16.3 million in assets.

2. Socializing with the Ivy Leagues

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Perks of Being a Member: Alums get the chance to come to the Harvard Club of New York City and enjoy free lectures from high-profile speakers, a state-of-the-art gym, and exclusive restaurants inside the club. There are also some interest groups to meet anyone's intellectual needs, such as Lawyers Group, French over Lunch, and Homer & the Classics.

How to Become a Member: First, you have to be a Harvard Alum, but even that isn't enough. After your application is put in, you have to interview with a committee to determine if you're fit to become a member.

3. Experiencing the Best Sushi in the World

The Asahi Shimbun / Getty /

Perks of Eating Here: Declared the "best sushi in the world," Sukiyabashi Jiro is a 10-seat sushi restaurant owned by Jiro Ono. The 86-year-old sushi chef was the first to earn the three Michelin stars rating.

How to Eat There: The 10-seat restaurant has a three-month wait for reservations. If you do, make sure you make it in time, or else face a ¥15,000 ($150.00) cancellation fee.

4. Golf Where Few Have Golfed Before

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Perks of Playing Here: Located in Pebble Beach, California, the Cypress Point Golf Course is consistently ranked as one of the top — and most exclusive — golf courses in the world. The main attraction is the signature 16th hole, where golfers are required to do a 231-yard tee shot over the Pacific Ocean.

How to Play a Round: The only way to play on this course is to become a member of the invite-only club, making it almost impossible for anyone else to play.

5. Living in the Most Exclusive Fairy Tale Location

Peter Ptschelinzew / Getty Images

Perks of Staying Here: The former apartment of Walt Disney himself, the Cinderella Castle Suite is the only room inside the famous Disneyworld castle. Besides having central location in the park, the room is decorated like a royal palace with five handcrafted mosaics made of real gold.

How to Get a Reservation: Mostly only the rich and famous get the chance to stay here, but anyone can enter a sweepstakes to get a reservation. Be advised: The chances of winning are extremely slim.

6. Spending an Afternoon with Royalty

Jan Kruger / Getty

Perks of Being a Member: The Royal Yacht Squadron is one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in the world. Members are able to attend any of the exclusive events the club hosts while socializing with distinguished royalty from around the world.

How to Become a Member: With only 475 members, you must be a person of high social status or wealth in order to join. Until recently, it was a men's only club, which meant that they even denied the Queen membership (although she's a patron, but still)!

7. Tasting Wine That Very Few Get to Taste

AFP / Getty Images

Perks of Purchasing: The Château Margaux 2009 is now declared the most expensive bottle of wine. With the experience of buying one of three bottles on sale at the Dubai International Airport, customers also get a first-class ticket to France for a private tour of the Château Margaux vineyard.

How to Get a Taste: One 12-liter bottle (which includes the trip to France) will cost you $195,000, and it must be purchased at the Le Clos at the Dubai International Airport.

8. Going on the Trip of a Lifetime

Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Perks of Purchasing: When you purchase the "diamond package" from Neiman Marcus, you and a guest will fly to London to have an exclusive dinner with De Beers' CEO Philippe Mellier. After that, it's first-class tickets to Africa where you'll receive a tour of Namibia’s coast. Oh, and you'll also receive a 25-carat rough African diamond that will be fashioned into a personalized ring.

How to Get This Experience: It's open to anyone... who has $1.9 million they would like to spend on a Christmas gift.

9. Living on a Private Island in Paradise

RexUSA / 112178d

Perks of Staying Here: Owned by Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, the Necker Island house is on a private island in the British Virgin Islands. Not only will you get an amazing place to stay with unreal views, but there is also a 60-person staff, beachside spa treatments, and over 200 flamingos to befriend.

How to Stay Here: The easy way? Get invited by Sir Richard Branson himself. The alternative? Spend $51,000/day, or get a bargain with $1,428,000/month.

10. Celebrating with the Nation's Best

Mario Tama / Getty

Perks of Attending: If you're one of the very few to attend an inaugural ball, you'll enjoy world-class meals, private performances from pop singers, and being in the same room as the president elect to congratulate him in person.

How to Join the Party: It's invite-only, and you have to either be high up in the political world or famous enough to even be considered. And they only happen every four years, so that makes your chances of getting in even slimmer. (Sorry.)