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10 Activities That Are Better With Complete Strangers

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1. Music festivals harness the energy of people with the same tastes and passions.


Nothing compares to the rush of listening to your music idols and looking at the crowd and realizing you're part of a massive, swaying ocean.

3. Running with strangers pushes you to achieve faster times.

Martineric / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 36665622@N00

There's a lot more to running a marathon than the exercise. The shared goals and energy of the pack keeps you going when your body gets tired.

4. Thousands of people travel to Buñol, Spain every year to throw tomatoes at each other.

David Ramos / Getty Images

The annual tradition, known as La Tomatina, was rumored to have started accidentally when residents began throwing tomatoes at wild rabbits to keep them away. At some point, people started throwing tomatoes at each other, and the odd phenomenon became an annual event.

6. Burning Man is a great place to be weird, meet weirdos, and experience weird art.


What do you get when you have a city-sized group of creative people spend a week completely off the grid in Nevada? An unforgettable event with some of the craziest friends you'll ever meet.

7. Casino tables are a great place to make loud and enthusiastic best friends who you'll never see again.

Ralph Crane / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

Unless you're playing poker, in which case they might be quiet and reserved friends.

8. 10,000 Santas can't be wrong... about partying.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

SantaCon is definitely one of the highlights of the holidays to mingle with thousand of other Santa wannabes. Many cities claim credit for starting the first mass Santa events, however, the event didn't take off worldwide until the mid-2000s.

9. Half the fun of a trip to the dog park is meeting other dog owners and watching your dogs go wild.


There's a reason dog parks are one of the best places for single people to meet. If you meet a cool dog, there's a good chance the dog's owner is at least a little bit cool, too.

10. And nothing brings people together like a good, old-fashioned pillow fight.

Rob Boudon / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 88562024@N00

The rules are simple: Bring a pillow and blow off some steam with complete strangers. After the first event in New York in 2008, the event has taken place other cities around the world.

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