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Who Said It: Albert Camus Or Agent Cohle?

How well do you know your philosophy? It's True Detective's Agent Cohle vs. Albert Camus. Read each quote and scroll to see if you're a True (literary) Detective or just a Stranger (to knowing your stuff).

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1. “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.”

2. “The only thing keeping a person decent, is the expectation of divine reward.”

3. “If the common good's got to make up fairy tales then it's not good for anybody.”

4. “There are causes worth dying for, but none worth killing for.”

6. “Transference of fear and self-loathing to an authoritarian vessel. It's catharsis.”

7. "I've never really had much of an imagination. But still I would try to picture the exact moment when the beating of my heart would no longer be going on inside my head.”

8. “I think human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law.”

12. “Sometimes at night I would sleep open-eyed underneath a sky dripping with stars. I was alive then.”

13. “Given how long it's taken me to reconcile my nature, I can't figure I'd forego it on your account.”

14. “Do not wait for the last judgment. It comes every day.”

15. “Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus that rewrites pathways in the brain. Dulls critical thinking.”

16. “The most loathsome materialism is not the kind people usually think of, but the sort that attempts to let dead ideas pass for living realities.”

17. “Cruel irony, the poor man tormented with hunger feeds those who plead his case.”

19. “In eternity, where there is no time, nothing can grow. Nothing can become. Nothing changes.”

20. “The only serious question in life is whether to kill yourself or not.”