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    9 Ways To Tell Someone Is Keeping A Secret (And Lying About It)

    Hey, we all have our suspicions from time to time. Jane Isay, author of Secrets and Lies gives you the top tips to see if someones keeping a dirty little (or big) secret from you.

    1. He or she makes you doubt your grip on reality

    2. He or she blames you for not being trusting.

    3. He or she calls you nosy.

    4. He or she uses the passive voice.

    5. He or she makes up excuses that don’t hold water.

    6. He or she pauses just a little too long when asked, “Where have you been, honey?”

    7. He or she carries the garbage outside, but takes his phone and doesn’t come back in for 15 minutes.

    8. He or she gets critical.

    9. Credit card receipts and phone logs are suddenly off limits.