21 Things You Could Do If You Had All The Time In The World

Inspired by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins’ new book, All the Time in the World: A Book of Hours here are a few things you could indulge in if time was limitless!

1. Rise early, with the birds.

And take advantage of your limitless days!

2. Take a bath!

“baths were built for the pursuit of pleasure.” -All the Time in the World

3. Have a ceremony, just for your tea.

4. Dress to the nines.

Imagine from Jessica Kerwin Jenkins’ Pinterest, inspiration from All the Time in the World

5. Take your time in the morning.

King Louis XIV took an hour and a half each day to rise and dress (so you could too!)

6. Take the train.

“It was ‘not like an ordinary, human kind of train at all,’ one writer proclaimed in 1906, four years after {the 20th Century train’s} maiden run. It boasted electric lights before most American homes did. Its restaurant compared with the best in each city. There were on board tailors, valets, ladies’ maids, stenographers, manicurists and a barber. Baths could be taken in either fresh or salt water.” -

7. Ditch your watch.

The gods confound the man who first found out how to distinguish hours! Confound him, too, who in this place set up a sundial, to cut and hack my days so wretchedly…” - an ancient Roman poem via All the Time in the World

8. Take A Roman holiday.

“With their toes in the sand, ancient Romans thought they’d reached Olympus. Then, as now, lazing in the sun at the shire was one of life’s chief pleasures.” - All The Time In the World

9. Spend time in the great outdoors.

Or in the new garden grotto that you have time to maintain.

“When the sunlight is high, a shady garden grotto offers quiet respite and a poetical spot in which to ponder life’s mysteries.” -All the Time in the World

10. Have that long lunch you always want to take.

“In the United States, audacious sky-scarping construction seize the popular imagination, as did the men who built them. As pioneering beam walkers ventured into midair, the physical danger made the men seem superhuman. The LondonDaily Herald called New York’s steelworkers “classical heroes in the flesh.” -All the Time in the World

11. Eat sometime messy and time consuming…

Like CRAB!
Li Yu once said, “My family tease me for considering crabs as important as life itself.” - All the Time in the World

12. Nap

“The afternoon nap is a pleasure known from Papua New Guinea to Patagonia.” All the Time in the World

13. Head to the circus.

“At the turn of the century, nearly a hundred small circuses crisscrossed the United States, traveling rivers, roads and rails, as enthusiasts gathered in the predawn hours to greet them at every stop.” - All the Time in the World

14. FINALLY learn to sew

“Aristocratic ladies whiled away the hours for centuries by embroidering, spinning, weaving and making lace.” -All the Time in the World

And you can too!

15. Talk a walk…

(and one with no particular destination in mind!)

16. Or ride your bicycle more!

Via All The Time In The World

17. Attend fabulous parties.

18. Do nothing.

“Nothings {is} an antidote to the art world’s Happenings.”- All the Time in the World

19. Have an indulgent, multi-course dinner.

20. Dance the night away.

21. Read and write more.

“‘My reading and writing in the afternoon is a pleasure I am not blamed for & does me no harm, as it does not take up the time I ought to spend otherwise.’ Reading was a reward for good deeds done.” -All the Time in the World

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