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    My Gift To You Guys 🥰

    i hope you like my gift bby's

    so i have a gift for you guys

    i found it on my google drive

    i hope you guys like it

    now im gonna reveal what it is



    100% original tho 😩✋

    yes it was my history homework but i made it with you guys in mind too 😍🥰 here it is lovies:

    Described by some as an emotional man of action, classified as a traitor and tyrannical dictator Oliver Cromwell was loved as well as unloved in equal measure so now we stand here to find out was Cromwell a hero or a Villain?

    Oliver Cromwell was a violent military leader who believed in not just harming his enemies but destroying them no wonder the English Civil War helped make his name, pushing him to the top of the Roundhead food chain in the fight against Royalist forces. Cromwell's campaign of genocide with Ireland was lethal. on September 1649, Cromwell's men entered the town of Drogheda and killed most people they found. Around 3,500 locals were killed by his forces, including non-military people. Now, this is beyond brutal. This continued in the Irishtown of Wexford. Cromwell's men charged into the town to kill more. The town was destroyed, around 1,500 people were killed. He was a very cruel man who clearly didn’t follow rules.

    But how was Cromwell a Hero?

    When Oliver Cromwell sat for a portrait, he instructed the artist to "paint my picture truly like me, and not flatter me at all; but remark all these roughnesses, pimples, warts, and everything as you see me. "That’s Cromwell in a nutshell, he was blunt and he took no nonsense he was always ready to face the reality of the world, and England needed a leader like that, didn't they? We all need to consider, the enemies he faced were out for blood, it was clear no one was going to make it out alive. it's simply wrong to judge a military leader of the 17th Century, and the defender of a nation. Besides, was he guilty of what we would call "war crimes" today? There's no proof about the killings of many people. As Lord Protector, Cromwell was a leader and was motivated by religion. While he certainly supported some of the things you get with power, he never forgot that he headed a republic - even when he was offered the crown in 1657. On the contrary, his efforts kept the country together when it could easily have descended into ruins. He believed in the will of people, and he laid the foundations for Britain as we know it today. For all of this, he should be praised as a hero.

    So with all the heroic and non-heroic things he did was Cromwell a hero or villain? I guess we’ll never know.

    you are welcome my darlings🤩

    i take constructive criticism

    in the comments ofc

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