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    I Took The Open-Source Psychometric Thing

    got the idea from drink_water_1

    k so here we go

    peirce hawthorne, the community (89%)

    krusty the clown, the simpsons (80%)

    pennsatucky doggett, OITNB (79%)

    debbie gallagher, shameless (79%)

    the wicked witch of the west, the wizard of oz (75%)

    billy hargrove, stranger things (73%)

    draco malfoy, harry potter (71%)

    kelly kapoor the office (71%)

    yao, mulan (71%)

    asher millstone, HTGAWM (70%)

    charlie harper, 2 and a half men (69%)

    1. so did this describe me well?

      so did this describe me well?

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    so did this describe me well?
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