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    What The World Was Like The Last Time Harper Lee Published A Book

    Ah, 1960...

    1. The Flintstones aired for the first time.

    Hanna–Barbera Productions

    2. JFK ran for president.

    3. The Republicans nominated Vice President Richard Nixon as their candidate.

    Keystone / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    4. Lucille Ball divorced Desi Arnaz.

    FPG / Getty Archive

    5. Four black students began a wave of nonviolent protests throughout the Southern United States after they staged a sit-in at a segregated Woolworth's lunch counter in North Carolina.

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    Six months later that same Woolworth served its first meal to a black customer.

    6. Enovid became the first FDA-approved oral contraceptive pill.

    7. President Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act of 1960.

    8. Peter Pan was broadcast as a two-hour special for the first time.

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    9. Alfred Hitchcock's $800,000 film Psycho was released and raked in $50 million.

    Paramount Pictures

    10. Seventeen African nations declared their independence.

    11. Alberto Korda took this iconic picture of Ché Guevara.

    Public Domain / Alberto Korda / Via

    12. OPEC was formed by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

    Public Domain

    13. The "week of barricades" in Algiers challenged French colonial policy.

    Getty Images Keystone

    14. Fidel Castro nationalized all foreign-owned property in Cuba.

    Getty Images Graf

    15. Elvis Presley was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army after serving two years in Germany.

    16. The U.S. sent 3,500 troops to Vietnam.

    Getty Images Express Newspapers

    17. The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL.

    18. Brazil moved its capital from Rio de Janeiro...

    Chensiyuan / Via

    19. Brasília.

    Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz / Via

    20. Cassius Clay (now Muhammad Ali) won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rome.

    Getty Images Central Press

    21. The original Ocean's 11 was released.

    Universal Pictures

    22. Ben-Hur won 11 Oscars.


    23. This song won Eurovision.

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    24. The Beatles played the Indra club in Hamburg for 48 nights.

    Getty Images Keystone

    25. Jacques Piccard (right) and Don Walsh took a submarine 35,797 feet down into the Mariana Trench.

    Getty Images / AFP

    26. The Winter Olympics were held at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California.

    Getty Images Hulton Archive

    27. The Soviet Union shot down a U.S. spy plane and captured its pilot, Francis Gary Powers, sentencing him to 10 years in prison for espionage.

    28. NASA launched TIROS I, the first weather satellite.

    Public Domain / Via

    29. Tom and James Monaghan launched Domino's Pizza.

    30. France tested its first atomic bomb.

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    31. Chile experienced a 9.5 magnitude earthquake, the most powerful earthquake on record.

    Public Domain / USGS / Via

    32. Egypt began construction of the Aswan High Dam.

    AFP / Getty Images

    33. Chuck D, Tilda Swinton, and Bono were born.

    Kim Metso
    Yannick JAMOT
    David Shankbone

    34. So were Sean Penn, Julianne Moore, and Tim Cook.

    Getty Images
    Getty Images
    Getty Images

    35. Clark Gable died.

    Hulton Getty Archive

    36. Televised debates made their debut...

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    37. ...and John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the 35th president of the United States.

    Getty Images MPI

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