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We Need To Talk About Unbearably Hot Steering Wheels

There has got to be a better way.

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If you drive a car, you probably dread this time of the year.

when it's so hot out that your steering wheel is literally melting...

The sun does its seasonal FREAKOUTT!!ELEVEN11! and literally melts your automobile.

When you're so hot you make the steering wheel melt

And, of course, the area of your car that gets it the worst is the part you have the most personal connection to.

When the steering wheel is hot af

Now you could burn like 3 gallons of gas while you sit there and wait for the fully cranked A/C to cool that flaming wheel of death down, but you don't.

When you get in your car and have to drive like this cuz your steering wheel is as hot as the sun.

You're a special cornflake with important places to be! So you use techniques to avoid totally scorching your extremities that have been passed down from generation to generation.

when the car been outside all day and the steering wheel too hot

There's The Pinch:

Don't you love it when the steering wheel is hot as a frying pan! #fingersareburning

When you trying to drive like a G but the steering wheel is hot af...

Some drivers try to use The Pinch on the bottom half of the steering wheel because they think it's going to be cooler down there, lol.

when it's so hot you gotta drive like this 😭😭😭

Also popular is The Palm.

The Palm works best when used in rotation with The Finger technique.

When your steering wheel is hot AF

When u live in bakersfield and its 283728829 degrees so ur steering wheel is too hot

Some people go to insane lengths to avoid the burn, like wearing long sleeves! In the summer!! Wtf?!

Driving like this bc it's too hot grab the steering wheel #AZprobs

When it's so hot you can't make direct contact with your wheel 🔥🔥😪

Others simply do not fuck around with techniques and opt for actual heat resistant accessories.

Texas heat got me driving with oven mitts bc the steering wheel is too hot & I got places to be

Then there are those who go bizarro world and use items that are used for avoiding the cold.

Some go for dad's work gloves.

Or mom's scarf.

Or food.

My steering wheel was too hot, so I used leftover tortillas like oven mitts.

Then there's the people who are so desperate they actually take off their own socks.

The steering wheel is too hot so Liesils using socks so she doesn't burn her hands

it's too hot to touch my steering wheel

Or their underwear.

The steering wheel is too hot so she put underwear on her hands. Once again Victoria's Secret came in clutch

When it's to hot outside and you gonna use the chonies on the steering wheel

A totally unprepared driver must resort to using tissues to keep their paws chill.

So it's 113 out and my steering wheel was too hot so I started driving while holding tissues. ah thanks Vegas

Or napkins.

When it's so hot out that you use trash to keep the steering wheel from burning u #thankssatan

when the steering wheel is too hot

Because my steering wheel is hot enough to bake cookies on

Or worse, receipts.

When the steering wheel is too hot so you use old Taco Bell receipts

Steering wheel so fricken hot you gotta use a receipt to drive

Ballers use a short stack of skrilla.

When the steering wheel is too hot

But for the level 99 expert driver, utilizing the more heat-resistant knee-area is the way to go.

When it's so hot you have to drive with your shorts around your knees

Whatever method you decide to use in order to keep those hands cool, please drive safely!

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