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    State Of The Union Batting Averages

    What if POTUS stats were like baseball stats?

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    In Major League Baseball, when a player averages 3 hits every 10 at bats, they own a batting average of .300. Producing numbers like that means you're among the best in the game.

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    Every year the president asks Congress to pass a lot of stuff at the State of the Union address. What if we treated each request like an at bat in baseball and measured how successful each president was?

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    According to an analysis by two political science professors at Dominican University of California, President Obama's career batting average would be .306* **.


    *Obama still has two more SOTU attempts to go. ** His first speech before a joint session in 2009 was technically not an SOTU.

    George W. Bush would be at .427*.

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    *Dominican only provided data from George W. Bush's first four SOTU addresses.

    Bill Clinton compiled a sweet .444 average.

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    During his four years, George H W. Bush hit .397.

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    Ronald Reagan finished his career with a .398 average.

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    Jimmy Carter's brief stint produced a solid .404 average.

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    Out of the nine presidents listed, Gerald Ford was the only one to hit below .300.

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    Richard Nixon's interrupted career saw him tally a .400 average.

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    And L.B.J. tops the list with a hearty .529 lifetime average.

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