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Facts About Cable News That May Make You Question Reality

Well, these facts about cable news might not actually make you question reality, but they'll sure give you something to talk about at your next family get-together with that weird uncle who only watches cable news.

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8. MSNBC's Rev. Al Sharpton had a different approach to progressivism in the '80s.

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10. S.E. Cupp used to trash her new Crossfire cohost Van Jones relentlessly for being a "9/11 Truther" back when he was Obama's pick for Green Jobs Czar. Awwwkwaaaarrrd.

"I'm sure there are plenty of guys who spent a little time in jail, get out, and have these wacky anti-government, anti-cops, racist, conspiratorial theories, but usually they don't end up with a job in the White House. Usually we don't give them a prominent place on the stage of American politics. It's shameful." — S.E. Cupp on Fox News' Hannity in 2009

12. Hillary Clinton thinks that Matthews is obsessed with her.

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13. Fox News host Bill O'Reilly knew Billy Joel in high school and thought he was a hoodlum.

"Billy Joel was in my neighborhood, and he was in the Hicksville — the same age as me — and he was a hood. He used to slick it [his hair] back like this. And we knew him, because his guys would smoke and this and that, and we were more jocks." — Bill O'Reilly

14. In 2008, CNN's Richard Quest was busted in New York's Central Park at 3 a.m. with drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot. He's still with the network.

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