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    The 25 Funniest CNN News Captions Of All Time

    Never change.


    2. Um.

    3. Uhh.

    4. True.

    Not sure what it says about pop culture these days, but it's a great chyron. #cnn #eatenalive

    5. Very true.

    Huey Lewis blasting on repeat in honor of this terrific CNN chyron

    6. Extremely true.

    7. Rude.

    Most important @CNN chyron in history [via @carlie_kollath @romenesko]

    8. Breaking news.

    I’m not even making this CNN chyron up. #BreakingNews

    9. Dang bro.

    10. Jeter was way better than we all thought.

    11. Breaking. News.

    Really, CNN? A "Breaking News" chyron that says "JURY ORDERED DINNER" (and you don't even tell us the menu)?

    12. Tell us more.

    13. It always rules, tbh.

    14. I'm gonna go with the one that isn't spelled out.

    Really, CNN? Really? @drewmagary

    15. This is what New Yorkers refer to as "Monday."

    Thanks CNN for THIS morning wake up call. Gotta love the chyron

    16. Hallelujah!

    #foundcandy RT“@SimonMaloy: While we're talking about CNN, it still holds the Best Chyron Ever title. ”

    17. How is this not BREAKING NEWS?



    CNN "Happening Now" Chyron: "Cardinals Take Off Their Hats" (via @spavlus)

    19. Never drink the hotel water. EVER.

    20. So meta.

    Thanks @cnn for this great breaking news chyron

    21. < insert pizza emoji >

    .@cnn this is the most accurate chyron you've ever had. #piers is a pizza vending machine #top name in pizza vending.

    22. Anyone can be an expert these days.

    Ran across this old CNN chyron from their Hunt For Bin Laden special:

    23. Better get your geography right or else China will make you its bitch.

    24. Too late.

    25. BREAKING... ahh, forget it.