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    Chris Christie Might Bring The Fully Erect Index Finger Back To Presidential Politics

    That's right, FULLY ERECT.

    At today's State of the State address in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie laid the groundwork for a likely run for president in 2016.


    And if Christie does indeed run, America will see something that's been on the verge of extinction in presidential politics for almost two decades.

    Gaetty Images Kena Betancur

    Once upon a time, Bill Clinton took the finger point, a mainstay in presidential politics, and modified it.


    As blogger Frank B. put it, “Bill’s patented 'modified finger point' — created by bending the index finger back towards yourself..."

    AFP / Getty Images STEPHEN JAFFE

    "...and around the thumb to 'soften' the blow of a direct point — became so synonymous with him that every impressionist on Earth (myself included) incorporated it into his impersonation."

    The erect index finger can be considered offensive to some cultures, and Clinton, ever the calculating politician, rarely went there, even when attempting to make a point forcefully.


    Even his successors thought it wise to go another route.

    Getty Images Kevork Djansezia
    Getty Images AFP MANDEL NGAN

    Sometimes opting to focus on another finger altogether.

    But then, Chris Christie appeared on the scene.

    Getty Images Stephen Chernin

    The man couldn't care less about offending someone with a forcefully erect index finger during a speech.

    Getty Images Andrew Burton

    For a while, Christie did his best to keep his digits under control.

    Getty Images Kena Betancur

    He fought the urges the best that he could.

    Getty Images Jeff Zelevansky

    Though keeping them in check, his tactile members would sometimes telegraph their desires.

    AFP / Getty Images SAUL LOEB

    But, like Peter Sellers' Dr. Strangelove, Christie's hands could not be restrained forever, and eventually, they broke free, doing what came naturally.

    Getty Images Jeff Zelevansky

    Testing the waters, they started by pointing at nothing in particular.

    AFP / Getty Images NICHOLAS KAMM

    Just to get the feel of things.

    Getty Images Ethan Miller

    They'd go right, they'd go left, but never right in your face.

    Getty Images for SiriusXM Larry Busacca

    And then everything changed.

    AFP / Getty Images PAUL J. RICHARDS

    Christie gave up, and let his rogue phalanges take over.

    Getty Images Jeff Zelevansky

    No one was safe from them.

    Getty Images Steve Pope

    Now it's like they're ready to go...

    Getty Images Kena Betancur all times.

    Getty Images Scott Olson

    Chillin' at a rock show? They're ready.

    Getty Images for Clear Channel Larry Busacca

    You want to know what a microphone looks like? They're ready.

    Getty Images Stephen Maturen

    On the radio, where visuals don't really translate? Oh, they ready.

    Getty Images Pool

    So, now it's your turn to get ready, America, because Chris Christie and his erect index fingers are coming for you and the White House in 2016.

    Getty Images Mark Wilson

    Whether you like it...

    Getty Images Chip Somodevilla

    ...or not.

    Getty Images Chip Somodevilla

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