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Bill Kristol: "Don't Pretend U.S. Sochi Delegation Is A Great Moment For Gay Rights"

On CNN's Crossfire, the conservative pundit dismissed the importance of plans to send LGBT athletes to Russia as a part of President Obama's Olympic delegation.

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A somewhat rare cable news moment happened Wednesday night when Crossfire co-hosts S.E. Cupp and Van Jones found themselves agreeing that it was a good thing that the White House decided to send a group of out LGBT athletes, including Billie Jean King, to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, as part of its delegation to the games.

Their conservative guest, Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, did not.

Wow, that was really bold. He is really showing Putin who is boss. I'm sure Putin is thinking, Boy, I've just been humiliated by the president. He sends a couple of gay athletes over to the Olympics. That's going to cause me problems. Meanwhile, we're capitulating to him on everything important. The reset has been a total failure. This is typical of Obama and of liberalism more broadly. Don't confront the serious issues, then you feel good about yourself — Hey, I really showed him with Billy Jean King. .. I just don't think we should pretend that this is a great moment Obama, for America, or for Gay Rights. A lot of other people have been treated badly in Russia. Maybe send a journalist in honor of the people who've been killed.

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