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Anderson Cooper Has A "Breaking News" Problem

Anderson Cooper's regular abuse of the words "breaking news" on CNN has almost rendered the term meaningless. Here are seven of his worst offenses so far this year.

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1. "Good evening, everyone, there's breaking news tonight: one of the government's leading disease fighters becoming the top health official to say this year's flu outbreak has now reached epidemic levels."


2. "We have a lot going on. Two breaking stories. Americans held hostage by armed Islamic extremists in a remote part of Algeria. The hostages were taken when 20 extremists attacked this petroleum operation in Algeria."


4. "We begin with breaking news and a warning for tens of millions of Americans. Three simple words that could save your life: Do not travel. That warning, by the way, do not travel, comes straight from the National Weather Service."


7. "Tonight, breaking news. It could be a game changer, only this is no game: a new intelligence report suggesting that North Korea could already be able to put a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile."

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