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    9 Sizzling Examples Of Wolf Blitzer And Kate Bolduan's On Screen Chemistry

    CNN execs are raving about how The Situation Room's Kate Bolduan is "born to anchor," and that means the days of her burning up the cable news scene together with Wolf Blitzer are probably not long for the small screen. Say it ain't so, Zuck!

    1. Kate calling Wolf out when he was stuck in the No Fun Zone.

    2. This "You!" "No, YOU!" adorableness.

    3. Just watch these two talk about the weather.

    4. Kate <3's a clever Wolf.

    5. Kate telling Wolf what colors make him look fab.

    6. Wolf and the pink donuts.

    7. Duct-tape, cocaine and tushies.

    8. Wolf looking out for Kate's pen pals.

    9. Kate, protector of the Wolf.

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