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19 Things Only Christopher Walken Knows To Be True

Spoiler: there are no ~more cowbell~ references in this post.

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1. Meryl Streep will laugh at literally anything 😂

Getty Images Fernando Leon

2. It's not really his problem that the audience didn't ~get~ this impromptu poetry slam performance.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

3. The Fonz is actually a huge dork.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

4. This is his wife's shirt.

Getty Images Evan Agostini

5. This is some hella illuminati shit right here.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

6. He's their father.

Getty Images Evan Agostini

7. Same here.

Getty Images Robin Marchant

8. People will pull Christopher Walken's finger when Christopher Walken says, "Pull my finger," even though they know what happens next 💩

Getty Images Kevin Winter

9. Blondes that are this shade of blonde actually do not have more fun 👱

Getty Images Hulton Archive

10. You can survive on flavored lip balm alone for at least a couple of weeks.

Getty Images Evan Agostini

11. A Bosom Buddies reboot would just crush it at the box office.

Getty Images Darren McCollester

12. Your screenplay could use some work 😒

Getty Images Vince Bucci

13. Never work with a director who does this kind of crap.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

14. This is a damn good drawing.

Getty Images Jemal Countess

15. Giving a fuck is not an option.

Getty Images Jason Kempin

16. Not ever 🙇

Getty Images Andrew H. Walker

17. This belt could have gone higher. Much higher.

Getty Images for "The Tonight Sh Theo Wargo / NBC

18. This kind of dog is actually extremely delicious when paired with a nice Chianti.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

19. You should NOT go in there.

Getty Images Mark Mainz

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