11 Excellent Moments From “Morning Joe’s” Christmas-Themed Pajama Party Episode

Meet The Press will never be the same.

1. A peppy Mika Brzezinski vs. grumptastic Joe Scarborough on Way Too Early.

2. When Joe and Mika learned about swants from Dylan Dreyer.

3. The portrait of Joe over the digital fireplace.


5. Mika’s reaction to the morning business report from CNBC.

6. Frequent contributor Steve Rattner’s gift to Joe—and America: a framed photo of Joe and fans for Christmas.

7. Watching Joe make an argument in front of a giant portrait of himself.

8. “It only took us an hour and 12 minutes to figure it out.”

9. John Heilemann’s response to Fortune’s claims that Cleveland will be the next Brooklyn.

10. This GIF of Mika.

11. And this.

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