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10 "Double Down" Excerpts Enhanced By 15 GIFs And A Video

If only e-books worked this way.

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2. Romney’s hunt for a running mate was named “Project Goldfish” and the candidates had fishy nicknames like "Pufferfish" (Christie), "Lakefish" (Tim Pawlenty), "Fishconsin" (Paul Ryan), "Pescado" (Marco Rubio), and "Filet-O-Fish" (Rob Portman).


4. While reviewing his expanded program of lethal drone strikes, Obama told advisers, "Turns out I'm really good at killing people. Didn't know that was going to be a strong suit of mine."


8. "[Jon] Favreau stagily read aloud some of Obama’s most dreadful answers. Soon his colleagues joined in, with Axelrod, Benenson, and Plouffe offering recitations and laughing deliriously over the absurdity and horror of the circumstances."

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