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    • dorothycharlesbanks

      This article is focused on sports figures sex life rather than the sports they play and their victories. Fans who love Tiger Woods for his talent were not concerned about his private life. No one has proof that he had sex with all of the women who crawled out of the wall to talk about what they did with Woods.  Some people hate Woods just because of who he is. I heard a white female in Atlanta say on TV that she hated Woods and hoped he would lose every tournament he played in. Her husband quickly jumped in and said he is a fan of Woods. The look on his face sensed that his wife was about to say something she has probably said to him in private. I am a fan of Woods and was happy to see him getting back to winning again. As a human being I do not have the power to condemn Woods. All of his haters need to look under their own beds or look in their own to see what or who is staring back at them. I make no apologies for loving to see Woods play the game he loves. His talent, not his sex life and rumors of rampant sex, mades me watch each time he plays. TV rating shoot through the roof when plays. I am sure Lincoln knows that is not by accident.

    • dorothycharlesbanks

      Cantor knew there were not enough votes to pass Boehner’s “Plan B.” Cantor got together with his fellow back stabbers and led the Speaker to believe that he had ammunition to pull a coup, making President Obama to dance to their music. One Republican bragged about “bringing Obama to his knees.” The refuse to acknowledge that the Nov. election spoke louder than words. Teabagger Republicans want Boehner out, and Cantor is leading the team because he wants the Speaker’s job. He has been back stabbing Boehner ever since they elected him.  Republicans are so disorganized, they will be feasting off each other for a long time. They are the living dead wearing fancy suits. And their main goal is still to bring down the Barack Obama presidency.

    • dorothycharlesbanks

      “Slow Down The Music I Can’t Dance That Fast” is the new play Republicans are now starring in on Broadway play in Washington, DC. Major stars in the former play—“Mr. President, We Can’t Spell Compromise!”— thought they were performing in front of sold out audiences throughout America for three years and 10 months. That’s a long run on Broadway. But all good shows come to an end sooner or later. On November 6, voters told Republican actors in Washington, “We’re going to write the script this time.” Voters sent a message to auditioning actors that there are no roles for clowns and high wire acts. If they can’t dance fast enough to keep with up, they should stay home and dance to the speed of their own music.  The next auditions in Washington be held in 2014.

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