10 Bold Things You Should Try Once In Your Life

Going to the beach is overrated. It’s time to take a real vacation. Doritos – For the Bold.

1. Get up close and personal with sharks:

Shark Week is cool and all, but why not experience the real thing? Many charter companies offer shark cage dives in a variety of locations and with a variety of sharks. Don’t miss out on such an opporTUNAty.

2. Ride a Sommerrodelbahn:

Imagine riding a single-seated rollercoaster winding and coasting down a steep hill at 25 mph with nothing but a tiny seatbelt strapped around your waist and you’d get yourself the Sommerrodelbahn, or alpine coaster, a form of dry toboggan running found in Austria.

3. Visit the inside of a volcano:

Everyone knows what a volcano looks like on the outside, but inside? That’s something different altogether. Inside the Volcano will lower you down 400 ft down Thrihnukagigur, a dormant volcano in Iceland. Fun times indeed.

4. Go heli-skiing:

Ross Woodhall / Getty Images

Tired of the same old slopes? You can hire your own helicopter in Alaska to drop you off on pristine powder in the Chugach Mountains for some of the best skiing you’ll ever have. Sure beats taking the crowded lift at some ski resort.

5. Fly for real:

Well sort of. Go Zero G offers flights on their jet which flies in an extreme parabolic flight path to simulate zero gravity. It’s the closest thing to weightlessness this side of actually getting launched into space, but be warned, the jet isn’t popularly known as the “Vomit Comet” for nothing.

6. Go drag racing:

Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

Do you feel the need for speed? Try your hand at going from zero to a bajillion miles an hour with Doug Foley’s Drag Racing Experience.

7. Explore the arctic by dog sled:


See the arctic with a bunch of furry companions with dog sledding tours by companies like Silent Way.

8. BASE jump off a bridge:

Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho is a popular BASE jumping site known around the world because it’s one of the only man-made structures in the United States where BASE jumping is allowed throughout the year without a permit.

9. Surf at the North Shore:

Clive Rose / Getty Images

The North Shore is known for its large waves and is considered by many to be the surfing mecca of the world. Cowabunga dudes and dudettes.

10. Drive a tank:

Need we say anything else? Companies like Drive A Tank quite literally let you drive a tank. Be honest, you know you’ve always wanted to.

Doritos – For the Bold

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