21 Ways Steak ‘n Shake Turns Dreams Into Reality

“In sight, it must be right.” Get excited, Los Angeles.

1. Steak ‘n Shake is famous for steakburgers, which are what regular burgers wish they could be.

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Steakburgers are the delectable, scrumptious morsels from your burger fantasies.

2. They’ve literally been around for 80 years.

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3. You can multiply layers to make a behemoth of a sandwich.

4. They make their own freaking pepper sauce.

5. Also, they have a ton of shakes. Steaks and shakes. Get it?

Steak ‘n Shake has side by side shakes. That’s two DIFFERENT shakes in ONE GLASS at the SAME DAMN TIME.

Yes, this is real life.

6. Let’s talk about fries for one second. They are delicate, crispy, and SO delicious.

7. And you can put cheese on them, turning a perfect thing into an actual dream come true.

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8. The dining experience is super retro, just as all truly amazing things are.

9. The employees wear bow ties. Why? Because they are professionals, that’s why.

10. Steak ‘n Shake has happy hour, and who doesn’t enjoy a good happy hour?

11. Steak ‘n Shake gets creative with their menu so customers are never bored.

12. And they love getting festive for holidays.


13. Never limited by the English language, Steak ‘n Shake came up with “Takhomasak,” their own word for “take-out.”

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14. Their patty melts are fantastic layers of magical yumminess.

15. Even if burgers aren’t something you fancy this place will keep you satisfied.


16. Wake up and smell the Steak ‘n Shake breakfast, friends!


17. Their desserts are all Sugarplum Fairy-approved.

18. Steak ‘n Shake’s late night menu is the cure for any nightmare.

19. And if you’re going through a frugal phase, they have a ballin’ value menu.

20. People in the midwest are basically born loving Steak ‘n Shake.

21. Steak ‘n Shake + Cali sunshine = everything you’ve ever wanted.

Soon the dream of Steak ‘n Shake will become a reality for Los Angeles. Rejoice!

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