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19 Times The Other Members Of Destiny's Child Held Their Own Without Beyoncé

Yes, there were other members. You know, behind Beyoncé.

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We're all well aware of the amazingness that is Beyoncé. But some attention and credit should be given to the other Children of Destiny and the things they've accomplished on their own.


5. For a moment in time, LeToya and LaTavia led their own girl group called Anjel.

After splitting from Destiny's Child, Luckett and Roberson worked with the members of Jagged Edge to get a record deal for the group. Unfortunately their production company went out of business before the project could get going.

Give a listen to their single, "Moving On."

View this video on YouTube

Try to ignore the bitterness.


The first single is available now and it's pretty okay!


Get your praise on with her "Gospel Medley."




14. And developing a show surrounding her pregnancy and family life.

Not sure if this one will be picked up by a network, but you can't knock her hustle.


17. LeToya Luckett scored the role of Felicia Price on VH1's Single Ladies.

Remember when that show was everything? Hint: It was before Stacey Dash left.

18. Kelly was once featured on the cover of Modern Bride, gorgeous as usual.

This was back when she was engaged to football player Roy Williams. The relationship may not have worked out but she sure worked that gown!

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