19 Things You Understand As The Only Girl In Your Friend Group

You’re one of the boys. But not exactly.

1. Growing up you were always the female character at playtime.

Nickelodeon / Via lorna-ka.tumblr.com

2. You’ve got a handful of ridiculous nicknames that won’t go away.


Like Powder Britches or Pigtails.

3. If they’re into girls, your friends ask you to decode messages for them.


4. You’ve developed a thick skin because you’re used to being teased.


5. People assume you’ve slept with all of your buds.


Or they automatically think you’re same-sex oriented.

6. Every person you date is relentlessly scrutinized by your crew.


7. You’ve made sure that your friends don’t even think about disrespecting women.


8. When you hang with your boys, you don’t worry much about what you eat.


9. Dirty jokes don’t even faze you.


Say your worst!

10. People assume you love sports.

Even if you don’t.

11. If you do, you’re just as good as your boys.

DreamWorks SKG

Or better.

12. You’re usually the voice of reason.

Boys will be boys, after all.

13. Your friends freak out when you dress up even a little.

14. Other women are sometimes cautious around you because you don’t seem like a “girl’s girl.”

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via larmoyer.tumblr.com

Which is pretty unfair.

15. But then they buddy up to you when they want to mack on your friends.

DreamWorks SKG / Via nefari666.tumblr.com

16. You’ve played the pretend girlfriend more than once.


Anything for a pal.

17. You’re the scapegoat when schemes go awry.


18. Nobody steps to you because your boys are like your bouncers.


19. That aside, they still encourage you to stick up for yourself.


And no matter what, you know your boys will always be there for you.

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