19 Things That Are Totally Fine To Keep Forever

Holding on to these things won’t make you a hoarder. Promise.

1. Family recipes.

Be honest: without instructions you’ll probably mess things up.

2. Classic books.

Kitsis/Horowitz / ABC / Via youtube.com

There’s nothing like the scent of an old book, and Kindle libraries just aren’t as pretty.

3. Your teddy bear.

Klasky-Csupo / Nickelodeon / Via FIND ME

Your first best friend deserves to stick around.

4. Tour Gear

Flickr: toughsirloin Creative Commons

Proof you were there is in what you wear.

5. Trophies, medals, and badges.

Whether it’s a Purple Heart or a Girl Scout camping badge, you earned it and deserve to hold on to it.

6. Your blankie.

CBS / Via youtube.com

Does keeping your baby blanket make you a baby? No way!

7. Event tickets.

Frame them or find another cool way to display them so they don’t make a mess of your place.

8. Exotic, foreign, and collectable currency.

Walt Disney / Buena Vista / Via youtube.com

You wouldn’t spend it now even if you could.

9. Family pictures and snapshots.

Fox Searchlight

There’s nothing like flipping through an album and crying from a nostalgia attack. Pro tip: scan these so you have electronic copies just in case.

10. Lucky underwear.

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

As long as these are clean and wearable, they’re keepers. Especially during the World Series, Super Bowl, or college finals.

11. Your record collection.

Columbia Pictures / DreamWorks / Paramount Pictures / Via youtube.com

Because vinyl is cool again, man.

12. Newspaper clippings from historic events.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via youtube.com

Pro tip: place cool clippings in an album so they’re protected and don’t present a fire hazard.

13. Homemade art projects.

It might be the most creative thing you ever do, so hold on to it.

14. Old love letters.

Warning: Highly emotional content! Memories at every turn!

15. Your first paycheck.

Universal Pictures / Via letseatbooks.blogspot.com

Nowadays you can cash that sucker using your cell phone. Keep the check, frame it, and hang it up in your home office as a reminder of the value of hard work.

16. Old mixtapes.

Flickr: sharynmorrow Creative Commons

These are gold. Especially if you still have a way to play them.

17. Souvenirs from cool places.

Paramount Pictures

Pint-sized reminders of the many places you’ve been will never go out of style.

18. Classic action figures.

Sure, they may be worth big bucks now (especially in original packaging). But mostly they remind you of simpler times. Like before “Ninja Rap” existed.

19. Your first piece of jewelry.

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

Sentimental value > any amount of cash.

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