29 Secret Anxieties Of Girls With Natural Hair

Big hair. Full of secrets, not chemicals.

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2. Walking through spider webs.

3dartistonline.com / Via deadpencil.tumblr.com

Sure, this is scary for everyone. But when a spider gets stuck in an afro, he may never be found again. It's a frightening experience for both human and arachnid.

5. That your homemade hair products will turn out all wrong.

Disney / Via youtube.com

Didn't thoroughly blend the avocado? Plan on picking that stuff out for hours. Overdo it on the honey? Sticky situation.

6. That Solange Knowles will straighten her hair with a relaxer.



18. That you'll never find a true way to prevent shrinkage.


24. That your braid outs and twist outs will end up looking a hot mess.


And don't even THINK about taking your hair down before it's dry. Unless the style you're going for is Frizzy Puff Ball.

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