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25 Reasons To Give "The Godfather Part III" Another Shot

It's not all bad. It's just mostly bad. Note: Contains spoilers!

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1. For starters, there is a great tour of Sicily in The Godfather Part III.

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This is only fun if you've somehow forgotten that you got a similar tour in Part I. And a back-in-time look at Vito Corleone's hometown in Part II.


Well just look at how, ehem, "happy" they are in Part III.

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Maybe they knew what we later found to be true: everything looks better in hindsight. Especially while you're watching The Godfather Part III.

9. You'll develop a hatred for her so deep you will wish she was dead.

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You won't be alone. Coppola — who filled the role of Mary Corleone when Winona Ryder left the project — is blamed as one of the reasons this film was so negatively received.


12. Michael Corleone is sickened by regret, and you'll feel the slightest bit bad for him.

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Oh, no wait. His diabetes sent him to the hospital. Nevermind. #karma


20. Seeing the look on the priest's face when Michael Corleone finally confesses his sins is reason enough to see The Godfather Part III.

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