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    22 Reasons NASCAR Is The Sexiest Sport There Is

    They'll get your heart racing, alright.

    1. NASCAR drivers come from a legacy of sexy.

    George Tiedemann/Sports Illustrated / Getty Images

    2. Everything about Kasey Kahne is sexy.

    Eugene Gologursky/Stringer / Getty Images

    Anyone who disagrees should check their pulse.

    3. Same goes for Danica Patrick. / Via

    Her Royal Hotness.

    4. And, BTW, Kim Coon.

    David Becker/Stringer / Getty Images

    Who, incidentally, used to be a cheerleader.

    5. They stare danger straight in the face.

    Sean Gardner/Stringer / Getty Images

    And they're all like, "WHAT, DANGER? WHATCHU GOT?!"

    6. They give back.{801CD352-3049-46B0-881F-4D062875430A}&st=ASC

    Most drivers head their own charity organization. Nothing's more attractive than giving back.

    7. They're experts at knowing when to go fast.

    Faster! Faster!

    8. And when to slow things down.

    Speed Network / Via

    9. They look like they could save your life.

    Rainier Ehrhardt/Stringer / Getty Images

    So dreamy!

    10. They are the epitome of efficient.

    Jerry Markland/Stringer / Getty Images

    A quickie? You have no idea.

    11. And oh-so graceful.

    Drafting is up-close, personal, and as delicate as it gets.

    12. They aren't afraid to get a little silly.

    Oh, Jr.

    13. They appreciate classic good looks.

    Flickr: daredevil26 Creative Commons

    And a sweet ride is the first thing on their minds.

    14. They aren't afraid to get wet.

    Jared C. Tilton/Stringer / Getty Images


    15. Even helmet hair can't stop the sexy.

    Kevork Djansezian/Stringer / Getty Images

    16. They do stuff like this, which makes us really jealous.

    Daytona Beach News-Journal / Nigel Cook / Via

    Can you imagine rolling off the track from a fierce race to immediately suck face with your hottie race car driver boo-thang? Holy smokes.

    17. They hang out with Muppets.

    Shut up, that's sexy as hell!

    18. They love their mamas.

    Gibby's Garage / Via

    That's adorable. Take me now.

    19. They love their country.

    Jerry Markland/Stringer / Getty Images

    20. And their Country.

    21. They celebrate like rock stars.

    Tom Pennington/Staff / Getty Images

    22. When they win a race, they disssappear in a puff of smoke because they know how good they are.

    Speed Network / Via

    They are like really talented driving magicians.

    NASCAR. So sexy.

    Le sigh.

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