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    19 Reasons Being Too Hot Is Way Better Than Being Too Cold

    Some like it hot, and they are correct.

    You can pretend that being too cold is not so bad, but you're lying to yourself.

    1. It's impossible to move in a cold room because everything outside of the blanket is basically tundra.


    2. People are actually much more social when they're too hot than when they're too cold.

    3. Absolutely no one looks attractive when they're too cold.

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    4. Your memory is better when your body is warmer.

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    So you can remember how much more it would suck to be too cold.

    5. People don't freak out when they're too hot because being warm decreases blood pressure.

    6. Is your sex life slow? If so, it's probably because your house is too cold.

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    Getting naked is not ideal when it feels like Antarctica in your bedroom.

    7. Warm hands, healthier heart.

    8. When it's too hot, you sweat. And sweating is really great for improving the health of your skin.


    Another sweat perk: It actually helps ward off sickness.

    9. Frostbite: A super awful thing that DOES NOT happen when you're too hot.


    10. Being too cold = a bajillion layers = you look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    11. When you're way too hot, it's socially acceptable to peel off layers and show what your mama gave you.


    12. You breathe easier when it gets really hot because heat is good for your respiratory system.

    13. Three words: cold toilet seat.


    14. Shivering: involuntary CONVULSIONS that your body uses to warm you up when it's way too cold.

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    That sounds just awful.

    15. If you're "miserably" hot all day at least you know you'll get a cool breeze when the sun goes down.

    When it's cold all day, nighttime gets EVEN COLDER.

    16. Being too hot is flat-out safer than being too cold.


    The sad truth is that almost twice as many people die from cold than from overheating. Lives are at stake here!

    17. The thought of heading to another room that is colder than the room you're currently in? Horrible.

    18. When was the last time you were excited to leave your steamy shower and return to a cold bathroom?

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    That's right, NEVER.

    19. Above all, when you're too cold, you can't truly enjoy ice cream.


    And that just won't do.

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