26 Moments When You Were Too Romantic For Your Own Good

Be still, my heart! No, seriously, slow the f*ck down.

1. Before a date you try on literally every article of clothing in your closet.

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2. You also do some “light” Google searching.

New Line Cinema

Followed by a few clicks through their Twitter and Instagram profiles.

3. You get so excited when you see them that sometimes you say all of your words at once.

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4. The first time you text your crush, you stress over which emoji to use.

New Line Cinema

Smiley face? Winky face? Dancing lady? WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!

5. You change your status on Facebook 30 seconds after becoming “official.”

Universal Pictures / Via glitter-and-mint.blogspot.com

6. You “accidentally” leave your toothbrush and a change of clothes at their place.

Universal Pictures

7. You wear matching underwear sets for weeks in preparation for your first sleepover.

Touchstone Pictures / Via weheartit.com

8. You play “your song” on repeat.

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As a result, your last.fm listings are a bit skewed.

9. You buy a cake to commemorate the slightest things, like your one week anniversary.

Universal / Via sporcle.com

10. You swear you were rooting for their favorite team long before the two of you met.

Anchor Bay Entertainment

You totes love football. All of the running and the scoring and the… sportsing.

11. You check their horoscope to make sure your stars are still in sync.

Sony Pictures / Via weheartit.com

Capricorns are feeling distant this week? That’s just great.

12. You worry that one day someone will catch you practicing the witty things you plan to say to your crush.

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13. You write a slightly embarrassing poem professing your undying devotion.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via strawberryswisher.tumblr.com

14. You can’t return a shirt they left at your place because, well, it’s yours now.

Warner Bros.

15. You pin wedding stuff to a secret Pinterest board.

Columbia Pictures / Via sovietskank.wordpress.com

16. You write your name with their last name.

Sony Pictures

You’ll be able to skip the new signature learning curve once you’re actually married. You know, one day.

17. You pick out three possible apartments long before the “We should move in together” convo.

Columbia Tristar / Via lavieestunegarce.wordpress.com

18. By the second day of your beau’s one week work trip you are fa-reaking out.

Warner Bros. / Via popscreen.com

19. Your friend forwards a list of gaudy wedding rings to you as a joke and you bookmark the page.

20th Century Fox

20. When you go out with your crew you feel like everything you do could be considered cheating.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via sighsomemore.tumblr.com

21. You cry when the plant you bought to symbolize how your love would grow suddenly died.

Paramount Pictures

Is this an omen?

22. You sign the two of you up for dance lessons.

Paramount Pictures / Via urbanlol.com

The couple that sways together stays together.

23. You forward a list of prime honeymoon spots to your significant other under the “let’s go on a vacation together” pretense.

New Line Cinema

24. You plan a full-on photo production — complete with props — for your Christmas cards.

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25. You try holding back on how much time you spend with them, but honestly you would attach yourself to them if you could.

20th Century Fox

You hung out Tuesday, so you’ll text them Friday. Okay Thursday. Possibly Wednesday. Night.

26. You realize that you sound like a lovestruck moron when you talk about them, but that doesn’t stop you.

Cuz you’re in looooooove.

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