16 Emotions You Go Through When Your Hair Won’t Act Right

You wake up, look in the mirror, and all hell breaks loose.

1. Horror

ABC Family / Walt Disney

What…what is HAPPENING?!

2. Regret

Logo TV / Via logotv.tumblr.com

You think of all the things you could have done to prevent this tragedy. You could have been in control!

3. Denial

Warner Brothers / NBC

Maybe no one will notice?

4. Anger

United Artists / CBS / Via youtube.com

You hate your hair for being stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

5. Sadness

Walt Disney Pictures / Via shesgotbooksonhermind.blogspot.com

Now your grand plans for this fabulous day are all ruined.

6. Annoyance

Your hair KNOWS today was important and therefore decided to act a damn fool.

7. Envy

Why can’t you be one of those people who wake up with perfect hair everyday?

8. Fear

Warner Brothers Television / Via imgfave.com

What if people laugh at you? What if they take pictures and tag you on Instagram looking like you were attacked by rabid badgers?

9. Embarrassment

You want to put a bag over your head. Or, better yet, completely disappear.

10. Desperation

You take out your gels, creams, flat irons, and a shit-ton of bobby pins. There must be something you can do to fix this.

11. Hope

Warner Brothers / Via youtube.com

You assure yourself it’s starting to look better.

12. Frustration

Paramount / Via thefoxxhunt.tumblr.com

No matter what you do, your hair has a mind of its own. And today it has made up it’s mind about looking horrendous. If hair could laugh, it would be laughing in your face from on top of your head.

13. Indifference

Nicktoons Productions / Via giphy.com

It’s whatevs. Honestly it’s just hair. Hasn’t everyone had a bad hair day?

14. Satisfaction

Paramount Pictures / Via youtube.com

It may not look perfect today, but it’s still completely you.

15. Self-confidence

Buena Vista Pictures / Via youtube.com

You decide to ignore anyone who might say otherwise.

16. Pride

Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar / Via mickey-magical.tumblr.com

You take on the day; crazy mane and all.

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