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15 Highly Questionable Pieces Of Vintage Dating Advice

Tumblr user Questionable Advice and Advertisements has been rounding up real, century-old dating advice. Spoiler alert: it ain't pretty.

1. Trying to slim down before a big date? Here's a tried-and-true method:

2. And whatever you do, don't wear earrings.

3. Don't be picky about who you date.

4. Men: Beware the solo hottie. Women: Travel in packs.

5. This should go without saying, but just in case:

6. When it comes to choosing dinner ingredients, cheese is out of the question.

7. Dinner etiquette must incorporate your napkin... or tablecloth.

On second thought, nevermind.

8. Remember that making jokes at dinner is a bad move.

9. Want to see your lover more often? Getting engaged is your only option.

10. If you do plan to get engaged, don't you DARE ask/accept after dinner on a moonlit evening.

11. And keep in mind what you're in for.

12. If you want more friends and lovers, leaving them is the best thing you can do.

13. Spellcheck those love notes, y'all.

14. It's pretty much impossible to have a happy marriage.

15. If you're ever confused about love, remember this:

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