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15 Highly Questionable Pieces Of Vintage Dating Advice

Tumblr user Questionable Advice and Advertisements has been rounding up real, century-old dating advice. Spoiler alert: it ain't pretty.

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3. Don't be picky about who you date.

Kent’s New Commentary: A Manual for Young Men, by http://C.H. Kent, 1880 / Via

6. When it comes to choosing dinner ingredients, cheese is out of the question.

Etiquette, Health and Beauty, Frances Stevens and Frances M. Smith, 1889 / Via

On second thought, nevermind.

Mrs. Owen’s Cook Book and Useful Household Hints, by http://F.E. Owens, 1903 / Via

9. Want to see your lover more often? Getting engaged is your only option.

The Home Manual. Everybody’s Guide in Social, Domestic and Business Life, 1889 / Via
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