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Who Can Be Our Next James Bond?

Who can be the next MI6 agent?

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Tom Hiddleston

GQ / Via

As the most recent actor to be in the news about the role, Hiddleston opens a lot of eyes to the question. The man is suave, classy, and has the soft voice of a helpful literature professor.

Idris Elba

Carolyn Cole - LA Times / Via

Once heavily rumored to play the part, Elba never surfaced as the new 007. That doesn't mean he shouldn't still be considered. The man speaks fire, has eyes that look deep into the depths of your soul, and has a presence you can feel from miles away. His enemies would shit their pants when they saw him.

Hugh Jackman


Another rumored actor to replace Craig, the sexiest man from down under would easily boomerang into our hearts (but not our panties - he's married). After years of having played Wolverine, the man knows action. He's had to breath it all in most his career.

Tom Hardy


Hardy's rise to superstardom has been quiet, much like his offscreen personality. It has come to a point where we will watch anything with his name attached to it. As an acting chameleon, we would watch him star as a raw banana on the side of the road.

Michael Fassbender


The man's presence alone puts panties on the floor. If you doubt his acting abilities, check anything he's done with Steve McQueen. Fassbender can make a Hello Kitty doily look cool. Give him the coolest job in the world with the coolest gadgets and you'll hear a unanimous swoon from all over the theater.

Eddie Redmayne


Though his paleness might make him easily spottable by fictional enemies, Redmayne has the prowess to make any chase movie invigorating. After his Fantastical Beasts premier he'll win the hearts of moviegoers old and young.

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