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11 Things You Were Scared Of As A Little Mexicano

Maybe it was just me.

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5. El guau guau.


Most guau guaus are nice and fun and love to play. But the guau guau you saw on your walk to the store with your mom? Forget it. As soon as you saw that one red car you asked your mom if you could cross the street for no particular reason.

6. Getting lost in the store.


All you wanted to do was look at a piñata for 1.3 seconds and your mom decided to walk away. You panicked the entire time you looked for her, and though it was a short time you knew you never wished that sinking feeling on anybody. Not even your worse enemies.

7. El Diablo.


All the stories you heard as a kid when you were with your abuelos still haunt you to this day. One day, you imagined life if El Cucuy and El Diablo met and formed a friendship. That night, you watched Looney Tunes throughout the night.

9. Your dad.


Most of your decisions were made by asking if your dad would get mad at this or not. On the times you took a risk, you immediately regretted it. He loved you in a te-voy-a-chingar type of way.

10. El comal.


You tried to pull a tortilla off the comal with the finesse of your mom and dad but learned quickly that you aren't born with that ability. So, for a few years in just stayed clear of it in order to avoid any more burns.

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