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The Olsen Twins Now Have A Museum...

...of Paintings Of Them Hiding From The Paparazzi.

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Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen, the curators of the museum, asked themselves why a museum featuring paintings of the Olsen twins avoiding paparazzi hadn't been done yet. More specifically, they said, "Why aren't people losing their shit over this?" So, they decided to turn the odd idea into a project.

Now you can lose your shit!

Laura Collins

The museum features paintings by Laura Collins, a Chicago-based artist who met the curators after their last exhibition. The paintings pay homage to the way the Olsen twins have managed to use various items (purses, phones, colossal sunglasses) to hide from paparazzi cameras.

Laura Collins

With some luck, the museum might be open for a entire year, giving you a chance to see some real artwork!

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