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Should You Really Look Good Naked?

Does one really guarantee the other?

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Some have said, that those who work out want to look good naked. Some say, it's the only reason. But how can that be true? It's not like we go to work naked (stripper), exercise naked (naked yoga) or go shopping naked (probably some type of fetish porn video out there). So can everyone say looking good naked in the brief moments before sex is the only reason they take that spin class Tuesday nights with the annoying lady Carol who always gives you a half hug and asks about your day before embarking on a journey through her own life?

Looking good in underwear is basically looking good in a bikini or in swim shorts. Looking good in a bikini or swim shorts is a side boob or bulge away from full nudity. So having a good-looking underwear body as an end game seems insufficient. We can do better than that!

So next time you're working out, think of how good your butt will look in anything you wear. Full promise, the moments before sex are a darkened haze. So why care about them?

Okay, okay. Maybe you want to cook dinner naked or flaunt your body at a naked yoga class or keep your blinds open while you walk around your apartment in hopes of attracting your super hot neighbor across the way who you clearly deserve. *Shrugs*

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