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Pettiness, Is It Really Necessary?

Truth is, it's everywhere.

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Some of you prefer the world above pettiness. You float above it with your chin high and your steps dignified...

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Some of y'all can't live without it.

Pettiness runs rampant across all social media. Examples of pettiness can be found daily, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

brother annoys his sister for 7 hours on a road trip. The payback is petty but effective. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚

No joke, sometimes it's hilarious!

So, how close is pettiness to revenge? Are they siblings? Cousins? Distant cousins? Or the same damn thing?

By definition, pettiness is taking something trivial and making it bigger. In most cases, pettiness begins with some sort of disagreement that snowballs into a competition. Some people get hurt, some people don't really care.

Does being petty actually make you feel better?

According to the Psychology of Revenge, Swiss researchers wanted to see brain activity in people who immediately sought revenge. After the researchers performed their tests and monitored brain activity, they noticed lots of activity in the reward section of the brain. Revenge in the moment is satisfying. Uh-oh.

Does that mean pettiness has some value?

Not quite. Taking from revenge again, continually being vengeful only reopens any emotional harm from previous experiences. Pettiness begets more pettiness, creating an endless cycle of pettiness that can never be stopped. It's only in our ability to recognize the moments before being petty that we can really stop ourselves.

Like this:

I was about to say something but I'm deciding not to be petty.

Now that pettiness has vast entertainment value, it's hard to keep completely civil.

So remember: you can be petty if you want to, but it might not be in your future's best interest. Be cool. Chill.

Also, take a deep breath and sing the Petty Song before you're about to be truly petty. It might just keep you chill.

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Or it might hype you up. Damn, it's too good.

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