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Mexico's Federal Government Finally Calls Out Church Over LGBT Rights

For the first time, the conversation has begun to shift tones.

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Following the Orlando Massacre, The Federal Government called out the Catholic Church over its arguments against Same-Sex marriage.

The Secretary of the Interior Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong used the Orlando massacre as an example by saying, "The tragedy in Orlando, Fla., should be the best example to make clear that this is not the path forward."

The nation still remains heavily divided, but with the Mexican president expressing his support for national same-sex marriage legalization the conversation still remains relative.

Before the news of the Massacre, President Enrique Peña Nieto pushed his equality agenda. President has stated, "The overall goal is to achieve a society of rights in which all Mexicans are guaranteed equal rights under the law."

As the Federal government moves to support nationwide equality, another relative story has come to light. On May 22, gunmen entered a gay bar in Veracruz and killed 7 and injured 12. Unfortunately, the media didn't pick up on the crime with as much fervor.

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After Orlando, the story is beginning to circulate throughout the Western media, giving the Mexican Federal government more strength in it's battle to give all people in Mexico the equal rights they deserve.

The Catholic Church in Mexico is a powerful force, but the President and the Federal Government's fearless pursuit of equality continues on by encouraging the use of less hateful language.

Condemnation of a derogatory gay chant in soccer games and the firing of a government employee who praised the attacks against the LGBT community in Orlando are examples of how hateful language will not be tolerated.

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