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Mexico City And Its Beautiful Transformation

The new concrete jungle is here to stay.

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In a country where a Google search will pull up headlines about drugs and violence, one city is starting to change the conversation.

Mexico City, the New York Times ranked best city to visit in 2016, has changed shape so much that it is beginning to draw comparisons to New York City. People from all over the world have found a home there, the streets have gotten safer, and the capital even has its own growing Wall Street on Reforma Ave.

While Mexico City still has it's faults, the decent policy-making and the overall introduction of new business into the city has given it a boom that will continue as the city aims to be among the top destinations in the world.

Prostitution still runs rampant on the city streets and pollution caused by lack of public transportation and too many cars on the road still lend to Mexico City's seedy vibe, but overall the city has improved on all fronts.

On a smaller scale, El Distrito Federal is urging its government to help move away from sugary drinks, has opened up fancy new restaurants, built new parks, and encouraged residents to exercise more often with public, rentable bicycles.

This gorgeous city still has a long way to go, but it's so encouraging to see the steps the El Distrito Federal is making to become truly hermoso.

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