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If Chris Evans Ever Leaves As Captain America, Who Should Take His Place?

Left out the ladies because that's a different super heroine altogether (Marvel's Miss America). Don't get mad.

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As Evans' interest in focusing on directing grows, we have to prepare for if the day comes he no longer wants to be a part of the Marvel Universe. So, let's take a gander at some contenders for the next Captain America.

E-Trade Baby (Fully Grown)

E-Trade / Via

The boy was trading stocks while in his crib. America is made up of pioneering children (See Snapchat Guy below) so it only makes sense to have the grown version take hold of the Vibranium shield.

Warren Buffet


With an income that rivals Tony Stark, the Buff will be able to use his knack for knowing the markets to target the most profitable places to fight crime. Thus, growing our countries income. And all while still keeping his home he bought when he was a young 'un with little to his name.

Evan Spiegel


The man started SnapChat in college. While others were drinking into the blackness, he designed the best way to produce nudes for a limited amount of time. So what's to say he can't design something to stop evil for a limited amount of time?

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